The NSE Marine Asset Protection System (MAPS) is an active sonar engineered to detect small underwater objects at long ranges.

The system uses solid state technology to generate electronically scanned acoustic beams capable of automatically detecting and tracking multiple underwater objects simultaneously.

The electronic scanning ensures that even moving objects at speed can be tracked.


Underwater Head

The Underwater Sonar Head has active sonar transmit/receive transducer arrays along with interfaces for electrical power and data signal transmission through an underwater cable back to the control system on the surface.


Surface Display Processor

The Surface Display Processor receives the raw data from the Underwater Sonar Head thru high speed data links in the underwater cable. The raw sonar data is processed to generate a detection matrix and raw sonar image display for the full 360° degree sector view.

All the raw data can be saved to a standard hard disk for later analysis.


                 Surface Display Processor             Compact Underwater Sonar Head