Continuously filter stored bulk diesel from the tank bottom to remove particulates and water and reduce microbial contamination.

Inline Filtration

  • Fuel is only filtered as it enters and leaves the Tank
  • Dirt and Contamination (Water, Microbes) are allowed to build up in the Tank

 Offline Filtration

  • Fuel is continuously filtered
  • Dirt and Contamination are continuously removed by the Filter
  • Any contaminant build up in the Tank is greatly reduced


Contamination of Fuel

  • Water
  • Delivered in Fuel
  • Condensation
  • Through Vents / Breathers
  • Microbes
  • Air Borne through Vents
  • Delivered in Fuel
  • If Water is Present




Contamination of Fuel (continued)


  • Delivered in Fuel
  • Corrosion from Tanks
  • Through Vents / Breathers with poor or damaged Mesh


  • Microbes breakdown Fuel in presence of Water
  • Microbes create slimy Biomass

Offline Filter Benefits

  • Very efficient Removal of Particles and Water
  • Very efficient Removal of Bacterial Sludge
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Reduced Build Up of Bacterial Sludge
  • Extend Life of Fuel in Storage
  • Reduced Risk of Inline Filter Blockage
  • Units Easy to Operate and Maintain





Filter Insert

  • Wood Cellulose
  • High Dirt Volume
  • Disposal