About Us

PT Northern Star Energy (NSE) is a high technology company dedicated to the Oil & Gas Industry and Marine Asset Protection in South East Asia and beyond. A professional team with many years of experience provide custom solutions for tank sludge management, sludge volume surveys and sludge treatment to minimise disposal using the latest non man entry technology.



Northern Star Energy

Tank Sludge Volume Survey

Online survey of large crude oil storage tanks to determine sludge volume and distribution. Reports include 2D/3D images of sludge topology.


Bulk Diesel Storage Filtration

Continuously filter stored bulk diesel from the tank bottom to remove particulates and water and reduce microbial contamination.


Non Man Entry Circulation

Installation of high flow directional jetting systems to create circulation and re-suspend sludge in large floating roof crude oil storage

Sludge Processing / Oil Recovery

Three phase separation (oil, water, solid) of sludge to significantly reduce waste using advanced chemical treatment and mechanical centrifuge.

Our promise as a contractor is to build safety into every project while delivering a quality professional service that exceeds the expectations of the client.